Enormous fruits swirled with orange, yellow and peachy undertones with a coral colored flesh are produced in the masses on extremely powerful indeterminate vines. Meaty rich, sweet and fruity with a nice touch of acidity. One of the heaviest beefsteak producers of 2021. This variety was created by the talented breeder, Jeff Dawson, by first crossing Sungold and Amish Paste resulting in a tomato he named Amish Gold. When growing out Amish Gold he discovered these unique fruits which he named Golden Buddha. These have been stabilized and grown out for many generations and are a wonderful addition to the tomato garden!

Golden Buddha Heirloom Tomato seeds

Days to maturity: 75 days

Foliage: Regular leaf

Number of seeds per pack: 10-15 +

Growth habit: Indeterminate

Golden Buddha Tomato Seeds

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