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1 pack per customer please! Approximately 15-20  premium seeds per pack.


One of the prettiest gems to grow in the garden, with incredible productivity and flavor to match! The most attractive, high gloss, purple and pink round fruits with a pointed base cover the plants like ornaments on a tree. Flavor is rich and sweet with smooth, and tender flesh and extremely think skin. Fruit size varies, often being similar in size to a golf ball or slightly larger. One of my favorites over the past two years. Plants are a bit more compact, but still vigorous, often topping out around 6 5-6ft.

We are so happy to be able to offer you these Ozark Sunset Tomato Seeds for sale to flourish in your garden. Enjoy!


Regular leaf foliage.

Growth habit: Indeterminate

Bred by the owner of Double Helix Farms.

Ozark Sunset Tomato Seeds - 1 pack per customer

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