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Three of our favorites for sauces, canning and roasting... but all equally delicious when eaten fresh off the vine. Rich, robust and meaty; these ruby red fruits are born on vigorous indeterminate vines and produce ongoing high yields until first frost. The deep red morsels are a favorites amongst chefs and home cooks alike. 


Varieties will come in individually labeled plastic baggies and then all three will be packaged into one of our rainbow heart seed packets. Why buy the collection instead of individual packs? Our collections are multiple varieties offered at discounted rates! We hope you enjoy!


Sauce Lover's Collection includes:

1) San Marzano ll - Approximately 15- 20+seeds

2) Federle - Approximately 15-20+ seeds

3) Costoluto Fiorentino - Approximately 15- 20+ seeds


Sauce Lover's Collection

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