Variety is the light green, slender pepper in the photos: Highly sought after rare Italian Heirloom Pepper originating from Bergamo, Italy. This is a favorite of mine! The plants are compact and bushy, yet out-produce every other pepper in the garden, being absolutely covered with lime-green fruits that camouflage under the lush light-green foliage. The peppers are medium to long in length, (usually around 6- 110 inches) and slender, often spiraling and swirling into beautiful and unique shapes. They will ripen to a fire engine red, but we most often pick them green and enjoy these cooked the same way as we do Shishito peppers- fried in a hot cast iron skillet for the most delicious appetizer. They are great for pickling as well. This is the pepper we can always count on season after season to fill our basket on a regular basis! Incredibly prolific. Very special variety.

10-15 seeds per pack.

Sigaretta De Bergamo - Rare Heirloom Pepper Seeds

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