In Love With Heirloom Tomatoes - The Black Beauty

Days to maturity: 85 days approximately Plant type: Heirloom, indeterminate Foliage: Regular leaf often with purple hues Fruit size: Varies- medium to large sized beefsteak, typically 6 oz - 12oz

Flavor: Rich, sweet and earthy. This fruit’s high anthocyanin content makes for very complex flavor. The results resemble the classic taste of a robust tomato, yet with a small hint of fruity blueberry notes which linger on the tongue- quite sensational. Strong skinned, Supports a crack resistant fruit and allows for a long shelf life and hang on the vine capability. Perfect for market.

Uses: Diverse tomato; perfect slicer for salads, sandwiches etc. but just as delicious roasted or cooked to your preference.

Review: One of my favorite heirloom tomatoes to grow...gorgeous in the garden, delicious in flavor and extremely unique for market ability; truly one of the darkest and most beautiful tomatoes in the world. This fruit contains extremely high anthocyanin content resulting in rare and amazing nutritional content compared to the more traditional tomato colors. Black Beauty grows on vigorous indeterminate vines, with regular shaped foliage but with gorgeous purple hues showing up in the stem and leaves. The fruits shine bluish/black in the sunshine and ripen with a deep burgundy base. This variety was bred by Brad Gates and resulted from crossing Indigo Apple and Pink Berkeley Tie Dye. A gem in the Tomato world!

Disease resistance: Moderate

Immature fruit color: Dark purple with a green base. More sun exposure will result in deeper purple tones from higher anthocyanin content but too much exposure in high heat is not recommended. It is recommended to keep a light amount of foliage cover to protect the fruits from burning while removing just enough leaf to allow sunshine to filter through. Ripe fruit color: Deep purplish-black with a burgundy base. The fruits remain firmer than most, even when ripe. Interior: Raspberry red, meaty, medium amount of seeds for collecting but not overly abundant to compromise from flavor- great seed/meat ratio resulting in perfect texture.

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