Welcome! My name is Lisa Troutner and I am the founder, organic gardener, food artist and photographer at Carmel Bella Farm. 


My love for gardening began a decade ago and has blossomed into a deep passion. Currently I am cultivating over 2,000 square feet of space in the front of our home, while tending to a small greenhouse, a small indoor operation, and multiple fruit, berry and nut trees, on 10 beautiful acres in the Pacific Northwest.  I build all of our garden spaces using recycled, foraged and or donated materials while practicing eco-friendly, organic gardening methods; preserving our land and keeping it free of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and GMOs .

At our farm, my main focus and sincere obsession is growing rare, indeterminate, heirloom tomato varieties and creating unique, homegrown, farm to table food art. I grow my produce from the highest quality seeds, selecting the most vibrant tomato varieties I can find. Each tomato is astonishing, flaunting every color of the rainbow and bursting with its own unique, delicious, complex flavor.


At Carmel Bella Farm, I hope to inspire you through unique food photography, tantalize your taste buds through simple delicious recipes and spread the love and organic awareness by sharing organic gardening tips and lifestyle techniques. Let's support our bodies with quality foods, sow thoughts of organic awareness, make environmentally conscious choices and harvest an abundance of health and beauty... and of course... lots of heirloom tomatoes. Happy planting!













Carmel Bella Farm


Pictured in The Whole Seed Catalogue by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, 2017 Edition

Interview with Nourishing Pursuits under "Meet the Grower"

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