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1 Pack max per customer please! Approximately 15 premium seeds per pack.

*This variety is extremely rare and produces a very small amount of seeds.


One of the most exotic looking fruits in the garden!

This rare, compact, dwarf-variety is a show stopper setting very heavy amounts of gorgeous, elongated fruits that are speckled and striped with the most mezmerizing colors. Starting with high gloss, violet clusters, these tomatoes ripen to radiate hypnotic hues with black shoulders dripping down into swirls of indigo, coral, red and strawberry-pink. Plants offer a determinate performance with the bulk of the harvest ripening within a 1-2 week time frame. These are rich, sweet, complex and fruity and have very little seeds- so our offerings will be slim!! With that said, their low seed count and thick walls make them a fantastic candidate for canning, roasting or drying, but they are simply luscious when eaten fresh as well.

Topping out at just 3 ft tall, this little lady can be grown in pots and still offer a generous and stunning harvest!


Approximately 15+ seeds per pack due to their low seed count and rarity

Growth habit: Dwarf, determinate

Height: 1.5-3 ft tall

Days to maturity: 80

Antho Pink Panther Dwarf Tomato Seeds - 1 Pack Per Customer

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