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Approx: 15-20+ premium seeds per pack.


Striking technicolor fruits grow in large clusters on indeterminate vines. These are an elongated cherry type that vary in size and showcase a plethora of beautifuol colors ranging from lavender, bright blue, olive green, burnt orange and more! The inside is bright green with an orange vein running through when at peek ripeness.

These are crack resistant fruits that hold extremely well on or off the vine making them excellent for market. These plants have a a delicate looking demeanor with wispy foliage, but crank out large yields all season long. Not only did they win high ranking beauty marks with best in show at the national heirloom expo in 2017, but they are packed with sweet tomato flavor. Beautiful variety created by Brad Gates. We are so happy to be able to offer you these Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato Seeds for sale to flourish in your garden. Enjoy!


Foliage: Wispy leaf

Growth habit: Indeterminate 


Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato Seeds

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