1 packs per customer please! Take a chance on me! This variety pack is made up of many different anthocyanin varieties such as SGT Pepper’s, Lucid Gem, Black Beauty, Blue Beauty, Red Beauty, Ozark Sunset, Xanadu Green Goddess, Indigo Cherry Drops, Blue Gold Berries and Pink Siberian Tiger to name a few. EACH PACKET WILL VARY, but we work hard to give you a lovely assortment! Most seeds are going to produce medium to large sized fruits with heavy Antho expressions with the exception of Indigo Cherry Drops and Blue Gold Berries which are vigorous cocktail sized Cherry tomato. Within these packs, you may also find surprise varieties that have crossed in our gardens and are yet to be introduced... if you are longing to grow something beautiful and unique, but are open to surprises, this combination pack will not disappoint! Due to the high demand for this variety pack, we are requesting each guest order no more than 2 packs per order. Thank you!

Combo Pack ~ Antho Variety Seed Mix

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