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1 pack per customer please! Approximately 30-40+ premium seeds per pack.

Varieties are not individually labeled.

This SURPRISE COMBINATION pack will include seeds such as Ananas Noire, Green Berkeley Tie Dye, Copper River, Captain Lucky, Gold Medal, Pineapple and Hillbilly. It may also include beautiful tri-color and bi-color crosses that have happened in our garden and have not yet been introduced or some indigo bicolors as well such as Lucid Gem or the rare Chupa Chups.

We do our best to fill each package with a diverse selection of seeds that will produce large, beef steak fruits that showcase a plethora of striking colors throughout the flesh and offer delicious flavor! If you are a gardener that is wanting a delicious crop of beautiful heirloom tomatoes and are open to surprises, this packet will not disappoint!


Growth habit: Indeterminate

Approx. 30-40+ seeds per pack.

Bi-Color Surprise - Combo Seed Pack

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