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Plant Variety Protected- unauthorized propagation prohibited. One of the most beautiful varieties in the garden year after year. Long strands of glowing and glistening, purple gems are quite literally dripping off the soft green vines. Disease resistant and early to produce, she is quite the show stopper, producing massive amounts of flawless fruits complimented by attractive, lush and delicate foliage. Flavor is very rich, complex, sweet and absolutely delicious. Powerhouse producer with beauty and flavor to match, this is a staple on our farm. Easy to grow. Created by the amazing Professor Jim Myers. We are so happy to be able to offer you these Indigo Cherry Drops Tomato Seeds for sale to flourish in your garden. Enjoy!


Foliage: Regular leaf

Growth habit: Indeterminate

Approx. 15 seeds per pack.

Indigo Cherry Drops Tomato Seeds

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