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1 Pack per customer please. Approximately 20 premium seeds per pack!


One of the best dwarf selections of 2023! These health dwarf had stems as thick as 2 inches across (thicker than a sunflower) and produced the most gorgeous clusters of large crimson colored beefsteaks with jade striping. The raspberry red flesh is exquisite in flavor being extremely rich, sweet yet tangy and complex with a luscious, juicy and meaty texture. Shape can vary from slightly oblate to even heart shaped and weight ranged from 4-10oz! An standout in the dwarf tomato garden and all around favorite for the season!


Days to maturity: 80

Dwarf growth habit: approximately 3 ft tall

Developed by the Dwarf Tomato Project

Cross: Dwarf Wild Fred and Beauty King

Metallica Dwarf Tomato Seeds

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