1 Pack per customer please. The crowned queen of the tomato garden. Stunningly beautiful in every way. These glorious plants are loaded with large, oxheart fruits, season after season. They start with deep purple shoulders and a light violet base, than ripen to a stunning black and deep pink color combination . Don’t let the more droopy style of wispy foliage fool you. With good support, these plants can out-produce almost any other variety in the garden. Extremely meaty, with delectable flavor that is rich, sweet and very well balanced. Hard not to call this my number one… don’t tell the others! Wispy type foliage. Indeterminate growth habit. We are so happy to be able to offer you these Sgt. Peppers Tomato Seeds for sale to flourish in your garden. Enjoy!

10-15 seeds per pack.

Sgt. Peppers Tomato Seeds -1 pack per customer please

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