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This was a standout variety for me this season and one of my favorite dwarf varieties I’ve ever grown. These have the most unusual shades of amber, orange-ochre with undertones of smoky greens and gray shoulders. When sliced open you will find the most meaty and delicious pumpkin-colored flesh that is extremely dense (almost all meat and minimal seeds), tender and luscious to taste- sweet, smoky, fruity and complex. Some of the largest beefsteaks this season came off of these stout and compact 3 ft tall dwarf plants. This is essentially the first “black/orange” tomato and is most definitely a site to behold.

Dwarf growth habit: 3 ft tall

Rugose foliage

Days to maturity 70

Approximately 15+ seeds per pack

Bred by the Dwar Tomato Project

Uluru Ochre Dwarf Tomato Seeds

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