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Carmel Bella Farm

Carmel Bella Farm is a small scale, sustainable farm specializing in producing organically raised, exotic tomatoes, cut flowers & rare seeds.  Our farm first originated in the beautiful, coastal mountains of Carmel Valley, California where I shared my love for tomatoes and organic farming through local restaurant distribution and farmer's markets in the Carmel Valley Village. In 2016, I worked diligently with the Agriculture Department of Monterey County to obtain organic certification for our farm. This certification was so important to me, as it allowed me to legally share my passion for organic farming. In doing soI hoped to spark awareness into our community in regards to the endless benefits of sustainable land management. I simultaneously was able to showcase that organic farming could absolutely provide, high yielding, beautiful and abundantly delicious fruits. 5 years ago we purchased a new, 10 acre property in the pristine, beautiful and rugged panhandle of North Idaho where we are building a new farm and future farm stay.











Carmel Bella Farm is owned by Lisa Troutner; an extremely passionate gardener, artist, photographer, mother and lover of nature and all things beautiful. "I hope to inspire others to live a more conscious lifestyle through organic and environemental awareness,  and be an example showing that you can produce high yields of beautiful produce through holistic farming and sustainable land management I hope to tantalize taste buds through bold, exotic and delicious imagery of the food we grow. I hope to support others in growing the most magnificent tomato garden they can imagine.... and I hope to inspire others to cultivate a beautiful garden and to grow the highest quality, rare, unique and beautiful seed varieties possible from our treasured collection. 

Let's support our bodies and elevate our lives by eating high quality and consciously sourced foods and making choices that help support our environment and Mother Earth. Let's inspire the next generation to care for our planet, teach them to choose their food wisely and to grow a garden...especially with lots of heirloom tomatoes!


 Happy Planting!


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