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Simple Pumpkin Purée Recipe - Farm to Table

Why am I sharing a pumpkin purée recipe when you are are likely visiting my site to read about tomatoes? Well...I just harvested pumpkins from the farm and made purée from many different varieties and I tasted the most delicious, smooth and rich purée of all time! I must share this secret with you as it is a game changer in the kitchen, a favorite in the garden, and will be a wonderful addition to your holiday recipes. The beautiful Rouge Vif D’Etampe or Cinderella Pumpkin has been named the purée winner in our household and has officially been crowned the star of our pumpkin pies. This variety will forever have a place in our garden and our kitchen.

So simple. So delicious. Fresh from the garden to your table. RECIPE:

1 Large Cinderella Pumpkin