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Top 10 Tomato Varieties of 2024


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Each year there are a few standouts on the farm that capture our hearts, tantalize our taste buds and wow us with their incredible beauty! Our list is in no particular order as each variety is truly magnificent in its own way and picking 1 favorite just isn't possible!

We hope you enjoy and find some new treasures to add to your collection!

TOP 10 OF 2024:

Sgt. Pepper's Tomato

No surprise here- as she's been a winner for years! An exquisite oxheart variety with beauty, flavor and production to match. Our plants were loaded with the most attractive heart-shaped fruits with breathtaking colors of black, deep purple and raspberry pink. The flesh of Sgt. Peppers is almost all meat; being extremely tender with rich and sweet flavor. These tomatoes began to ripen around 80 days and produced an extremely generous harvest for the farm. Long shelf life, flawless appearance and disease resistant vines make this an all around winner and fabulous contender for market. The largest fruit of the season weighed a whopping 1.5 lbs while most were around 8-12 oz. This one is perfect for sauces with its thick flesh yet equally as fantastic fresh off the vine. The only drawback we find is its thin vines and slightly droopy leaf habit... combine this characteristic with high yields of enormous fruits and you'll find that strong supports implemented early in the season are a necessity to have a successful growing experience with the lovely Sgt. Pepper's Tomato.
Fruit Type: Ox heart
Fruit Size: 6-16oz
Fruit Color: Antho with black shoulders and a raspberry pink base
Cross: OSU Blue and German Red Strawberry
Days to Maturity: Approx 80
Growth Habit: Indeterminate, droopy
Breeder: Jason Haynes

Moonlight Mile Variegated Tomato

Captivating, ornamental vines showcase sea-green, ivory-splashed leaves ladened with clusters of purple, burgundy and green striped fruits. This variegated variety is a sight to behold and a real treasure in the garden. The fruits are luscious and rich, bursting with sweet, earthy flavor and have a smooth, creamy, and juicy texture.

Fruit type: Saladette/Slicer
Fruit size: 2-6 oz
Fruit Color: Striped multicolor. Maroon, green, pink and purple.
Cross: Faelan's First Snow and Karson's First
Days to Maturity: Approx 75
Growth Habit: Indeterminate
Breeder: Blane Horton

Aurora Blue Tomato

It's no secret that I am a total sucker for this magnificent color combination... but Aurora Blue just does it oh so well. The fruits of this variety are absolutely flawless and have the most luscious raspberry colored skin with shimmering violet to deep purple colored shoulders. The plants are very attractive, disease free and produce high yields, very early on, with our first ripe fruit coming in at around 75 days. A gorgeous slicer with rich, raspberry red flesh that is meaty, sweet and tender.

Fruit type: Beefsteak/Slicer
Fruit Size: 6-10 oz
Fruit Color: Antho with purple shoulders and a deep pink base
Days to Maturity: Approx 78
Growth Habit: Indeterminate

Rebel Starfighter Prime Tomato

Exotic, multicolored, heart-shaped fruits are produced in abundance on towering indeterminate vines. Shades of indigo, pink, gold and green drip down the fruits in the most stunning display, and are matched by a luscious, rich and juicy flesh. These plants have a droopy growth habit, similar to Sgt. Peppers, and can be very challenging to support. However, once well established, they are extremely heavy producers and will set fruit quite early on in the season. Absolutely delectable flavor and unmatched beauty!

Fruit type: Oxheart
Fruit Size: 6-12 oz
Fruit Color: Antho striped with indigo, pink, gold and green
Cross: Xanadu Picasso x RHK GWR Heart
Days to Maturity: Approx 80
Growth Habit: Indeterminate, droopy
Breeder: Russ Crowe

Persuasion Tomato

Extremely early, wildly productive, and incredibly beautiful. This developing indigo tomato showcases pink and orange tones, splashed with shimmery gold, green and purple speckles and striping - absolutely gorgeous. The size of these fruits vary, but are most often a bit bigger than a ping pong ball weighing between 2-4 oz. Produced in abundance on very strong indeterminate vines with regular foliage, this variety is one of the most valued workhorses in the garden. The fruits are sweet and rich in flavor with a meaty texture. A forever favorite on our farm!

Fruit type: Saladette/Slicer
Fruit Size: 2-6 oz
Fruit Color: Antho striped with purple shoulders, green pink, orange and gold splashes
Days to Maturity: Approx 75
Growth Habit: Indeterminate

Breeder: Brad Gates

The Mushketeers Tomato

Jewel-toned, rare fruits have black shoulders bleeding into a coral flamed base and are speckled with gold, purple, red and pink. The extremely meaty and tender flesh has a rich sweet flavor and is a lovely salad tomato, but just as divine in the sauce pot! Healthy indeterminate vines produce an abundance of some of the most unique colored fruits imaginable. This has been a glorious addition to the tomato garden the past few years and is a customer favorite!

Fruit type: Saladette/Slicer
Fruit Size: 2-6 oz
Fruit Color: Antho with black shoulders, coral-pink striping and gold speckles
Days to Maturity: Approx 75
Growth Habit: Indeterminate

Black Beauty Tomato

Always a favorite on the farm! Gorgeous, delicious and extremely unique; one of the darkest and most exotic looking tomatoes in the world. This fruit contains extremely high anthocyanin content resulting in rare and amazing nutritional content compared to the more traditional tomato colors. The fruits shine bluish/black in the sunshine and ripen with a deep burgundy base and raspberry colored flesh. Not just good looks, these are one of the best tasting tomatoes in the garden- sweet, rich luscious flavor. A gem in the tomato world!

Fruit type: Beefsteak/Slicer
Fruit Size: 4-10 oz
Fruit Color: Black with a burgundy base
Days to Maturity: Approx 85
Growth Habit: Indeterminate
Breeder: Brad Gates

Blue Pear Tomato

Stunning, large, pear-shaped fruits shimmer on the vine with their beautiful lavender shades. When ripe they showcase rich jewel tones of purple, black and ruby red along with excellent sweet, rich full flavor. Multipurpose fruit are delectable fresh off the vine, roasted and perfect for jarring. Plants are wildly prolific, large and covered with fruits- will require good support!

Fruit type: Pear-shaped, Multipurpose
Fruit Size: 4-10 oz
Fruit Color: Black-purple shoulders with a ruby red base
Days to Maturity: Approx 85
Growth Habit: Indeterminate
Breeder: Ruslan Doohov

Painted Pink Cherry Tomato

One of the most beautiful cherries in the garden! Perfectly pink fruits with deep purple shoulders add gorgeous color and sweet, rich, earthy flavor to any dish. Plants are tall, indeterminate vines producing long trusses with around 10-12 fruits per cluster.

Fruit type: Cherry
Fruit Size: 1-2 oz
Fruit Color: Purple shoulders with a hot pink base
Days to Maturity: Approx 65
Growth Habit: Indeterminate
Breeder: J&L Heritage Seeds

Ananas Noire Heirloom Tomato

Multicolored, large to extra large beefsteaks showcase mottled colors of olive green, soft yellows, pinks, mauves and more- but the biggest surprise is their stunning red and green streaked flesh. While some flaunt extremely bold and wild colors, others are softer and a touch more muted. Generally, the riper the fruit, the more prominent the colors will be inside!
These are absolutely delectable tomatoes. Pascal Moreau found this gem after an unknown black tomato variety and a pineapple tomato naturally crossed in his garden. This lovely combination birthed a fruit with all of the best qualities both parents had to offer; being very bold, sweet, rich, smoky and tropical with a perfect balance of acidity. We have been growing these since 2012 with great success in a range of different climates. A forever favorite on our farm!

Fruit type: Beefsteak/Slicer
Fruit Size: 6-12oz
Fruit Color: Bicolor flesh with olive green, mauve, yellow and burgundy skin
Days to Maturity: Approx 75
Growth Habit: Indeterminate
Breeder: Pascal Moreau



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