The Best Blistered Shishito Peppers - Simple Appetizers

A crowd favorite and the easiest item to make on the menu! Shishito peppers have been a staple in our garden and kitchen for the past 6 years. This extremely simple, yet addictive dish, is something that every family member requests to snack on when they come for a visit.

Shishito peppers are easy-to-grow plants that produce in the masses of what seems like a never ending supply of glossy-green fruits. Very mild in heat, thin walled and petite, they need absolutely no preparation to be cooked and are done and ready to eat in minutes. I am fond of quick, easy, healthy and delicious - and that’s exactly what these little gems have to offer.

For The Best Blistered Shishito Peppers Ever, the key to success is having freshly harvested peppers, good quality cooking oil, a hot cast iron skillet and the right salt! Let’s get cooking!


COOK TIME: 5 minutes


Shishito peppers

Olive oil (or high heat oil of choice)

Maldon Salt


Cast Iron Skillet



  1. Pour a shallow layer of oil into your cast iron skillet, and turn your burner to medium high.

  2. Sort through your peppers and make sure they are in good shape, clean and completely dry.

  3. Test your oil temperature by dropping one pepper into the pan. If it begins to pop, then it’s time to cook!

  4. Put in just enough peppers to cover the base of your pan.

  5. As the peppers sizzle, crack and pop, gently toss them around in the pan with your tongs so that each one becomes lightly coated in oil.

  6. Now allow them to cook, flipping them every 30 seconds or so. The pepper's skin should begin to blister and turn a deep golden brown, like pictured below. They are typically cooked in 5 minutes or less if the pan is hot enough.

7. When most of the peppers appear crispy and deep golden brown, remove them from the pan, straight to your serving dish.

8. Finish with a generous sprinkle of flaky Maldon Salt and garnish with a lime or edible flower.

Optional: Some enjoy a spritz of Bragg Liquid Aminos, a sweet unagi drizzle, or a creamy dipping sauce...but most will argue they’re just as special on their own.


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