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Ananas Noire Tomato

Ananas Noire or Black Pineapple…. A magnificent variety that produces huge yields on vigorous vines, thriving in a large range of climates. It first originated in Belgium when a unique fruit emerged from a Pineapple Tomato patch after naturally crossing with an unknown black tomato variety… it was then given the name Ananas Noire and was further developed and stabilized by Belgian horticulturist, Pascal Moreau, being released to market in 2005.

The fruits are described as tricolored, black beefsteaks and they have show-stopping colors of olive green, soft yellows, deep pinks and mauves with a marbled green and red streaked flesh.

The fruits grow on vigorous, indeterminate vines that produce incredible yields of large, 1-2 pound fruits, mid to late season. For the taste profile, this tomato hits every note; rich, smoky, sweet and tropical with a touch of citrus. The fruit is meaty and juicy with a luscious, creamy and smooth texture. I have been growing this variety since 2012 and while they have a soft and tender texture, they have done fantastic traveling from garden to market and are always a hit with our customers.

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Name: Ananas Noir or Black Pineapple

Origin: Belgium

Breeder: Pascal Moreau

Tomato Type: Beefsteak

Fruit Size: 1-2 pounds

Growth habit: Indeterminate

Foliage: Regular

Days to maturity: 80-85

Season: Mid-Late

Production: Medium- heavy yields

Disease Tolerance: Good

Color Classification: Black Cross

Exterior color: Tricolored (Olive green, mauve, yellow)

Flesh: Marbled with red, greens and pinks

Flavor notes: Sweet, tropical, citrusy, smoky

Texture: Creamy, juicy, meaty

Purpose: Slicer, sandwiches, salads, garnish


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